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Pharmacy Management Services

In addition to being a traditional community pharmacy, Eaton Apothecary is the leading niche provider of pharmacy management services in the greater-Boston area. Eaton Apothecary uses its expertise and resources from its retail business to both staff and manage the entire breadth of pharmacy operations so its partner organizations need not worry about handling the day to day requirements or creating unnecessary management overhead to learn what we already know. We have no specific package of services to sell - we don't even have a sales force - what we do have is an entrepreneurial spirit, flexible infrastructure and broad knowledge that allows us to meet the specific needs of our clients both financially and operationally.

As part of our management services package, Eaton Apothecary has the ability to provide:


Full staffing and dispensing services


Contracting with third party payers and management of the online billing process


Inventory management including procurement of pharmaceuticals and streamlined access to a preferred wholesaler


All pharmacy physical and technological infrastructure


Monthly financial statements for the pharmacy program


Electronically delivered dispensing reports in a flexible spreadsheet format to allow for client reporting


Monitoring of major trends and developments in the regulatory world (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid, Prescription Monitoring changes)


Preparation of files and reports necessary to bill offline government programs and support grant/regulatory reporting requirements


Proper billing of MassHealth using both the direct and indirect 340B claims billing methods


Formulary management, including customized 340B formularies

Although this list represents the highlights of what we do now, every new client brings new requests and we work to create new solutions and new areas of expertise that may end up on a future version.

Pharmacy management services may be available for clients that are not currently in our geographic area. In many cases, projected prescription volume from a client has been sufficient for Eaton Apothecary to open a new location to meet need. For more information, please contact Mark Dumouchel at 508.429.8506 x16.