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Eaton Apothecary is a franchisee of the Medicine-On-Time® medication packaging system, designed to promote medication adherence, reduce the risk of medication misuse and improve overall patient health. This patented system provides each patient with color-coded cards representing the time of day the medications are supposed to be taken.

For example, the yellow card has morning doses and the blue card has evening doses. Within each card, there are unit of use bubbles that contain all medications for that particular doses - each bubble can contain up to six different medications. Each cell is individually labeled on the reverse side and the medications are easily punched out of the card, even by individuals with limited dexterity.

The system has been praised by patients, physicians, nurses, caregivers, and relatives for several years and is available from three of our locations.

To get started with Medicine-On-Time®, complete these two forms and call the Eaton Apothecary location below that serves your area.

1. New Patient Form

2. Application for Charge Account

North Shore Area

Eaton Apothecary
2 Centennial Drive
Peabody, MA 01960

Metro-Boston,Metro-West and South Shore Area

Eaton Apothecary
427 Turnpike St #5
Canton, MA 02021

These locations have expanded delivery radii that allow us to provide this service beyond the communities presently served by other Eaton Apothecary locations. To sign up for Medicine-On-Time®, please contact the location above that serves your area and we'll guide you through the process!